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SANGAHZ is an organization formed to scout, develop, train, and employ singers. To help them grow to be working SANGAHZ!


SANGAHZ is a worldwide community, a family of people who are extraordinary singers as well as  those who love, honor, respect and choose to preserve what extraordinary singers are all about. 


Go to the “Contact” tab if you are a vocalist and would like to be added to the SANGAHZ Data Base. “SANGAHZ By: Romeo Johnson” - is a Brand, a Logo to be proudly worn by Extraordinary singers and those who Love, Honor and choose to promote all their favorites SANGAHZ past, present and future. Keep your eyes open for all the new designs coming, some with your favorite Vocalists faces on them! I thank you so much for visiting The SANGAHZ site and remember.


“Singers make you smile, SANGAHZ make you cry” - Romeo Johnson

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