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Sounds Produced from Heaven

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What's Going On VoxRomeo Johnson
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Roger A

Chattown Homeboy and Classmate Gerald L.

Sharon, Thank you for always supporting

April Weeden-White

30 years Bro since The Golden Tale!  I t

Lenny Len Len!!!  Thanks to you and Paul

Alain AK Kennedy  Dancer, Choreographer

Did I mention that I LOVE THIS LADY_!

My Buddy Jeffrey Weber, Grammy winning P

Traci Hale Songwriter Extraordinaire

I cant believe that I've captured an ima

My Sistah, Traci Nelson one of the first

😂  😂  😂

Real friend and Prayer Warrior


Thank You for coming out SuperStar! I'm

My amazing Best friend-in-law and spirit

One half of My Fam Couple!  Lenny Jones

My Best friend, Brutha, fellow Musician

Yeah Bro, You had to be there!!! Thank y

My Boi Michael E Jacobs

My Son, Nycalis Johnson!!!


The Everlasting Beautiful Dynamic Duo!

Cheryl Franklin

You know you have a Real Brother when he

My Homie Sam Bam!!!  This guy taught me



Thanks for always comin' thru for ya Bro

Kodá Turner!!!



My favorite couple, The Mayos!!!

My Sistah, Skyler Jordan One of the reas

So Glad you came out Kris Garcia I hope

Alain AK Kennedy  Dancer, Choreographer


Following The Voice - Sounds Produced fr
Following The Voice
Sounds Produced From Heaven.
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My favorite couple, The Mayos!!!