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In 2009, Johnson could be seen in two reality TV shows on MTV as the Vocal Director and Personal Vocal Coach for Sean P. Diddy Combs in “Making His Band” and the Vocal Coach and background section leader on P. Diddy’s “StarMaker”.


Making His Band was an ABC/MTV reality television series that exists in separate iterations, each iteration focusing on a specific music act. It spawned musical acts O-Town, Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang. Except for the first iteration of the series featuring O-Town, all seasons of Making the Band have been overseen by Diddy, acting as the man of the house who makes the final decision on who will be in the band.

 P. Diddy's Starmaker is an American reality television singing competition show that aired for one season on MTV in 2009. Kimberly Caldwell was the host, with P. Diddy, Rodney Jerkins, Tamara Conniff and Laurie Ann Gibson as the judges.Johnson helped select and vocally train Diddy's 14 aspiring singers over the course of 10 weeks. On October 26, 2009, the day after the winner was chosen, new artist for "Bad Boy Records" Liz Davis stated that Johnson "had the best techniques".


Making His Band and STARMAKER


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